A key part of the retail industry is fulfilment; getting product from the manufacturing line to point of sale, and everywhere in between. With various purchasing channels now available as part of broad multi-channel retail offerings, successful management of retail operations is more complex than ever.

Due to the difficulty in finding solutions that provide the flexibility required to meet the diverse needs of fulfilment service providers, many have built such functionality in-house, to mixed results. With Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, this functionality is retained, but instead of developing a single solution, fulfilment and logistics businesses can focus on the process relevant to their customers’ unique requirements through innovative modular capabilities.

HSO can help your Fulfilment and Logistics business with the following:

-          End-to-end - seamless connectivity between each element of the supply chain, from warehouse to HR, production line to delivery

-          Flexible processes - easily manipulate processes to meet the constantly changing demands of clients, without compromising efficiency

-          Client reporting - comprehensive reporting portals provide clients with real-time insight into supply chain processes and inventory availability

-          Access to source code - ability to make changes to the in-house system to meet customer needs with an open source ERP system

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