Food and Beverage retailers are faced with multiple challenges unique to their sector such as seasonal demand, regulatory control and perishable product.  Alongside this  are general retail success

With product only able to be stored in warehouse and distribution centres for a short period of time, Food and Beverage retailers are under pressure to operate via a seamless, rapid and responsive supply chain; made possible by Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM solutions.

Empowering Food and Beverage retailers’ logistical operations, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM help businesses to push all perishable goods to the store and maximise revenue opportunities. Connecting the critical paths within the supply chain, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM help to avoid the Food and Beverage retailers’ nightmare of a warehouse full of expired and unsellable product.

HSO can support your Food and Beverage business with the following:

-          Cross channel - purchasing Food and Beverage is often defined by convenience; make it easy with continuity between main stores, express outlets and online home delivery

-          Buying - source the most cost-effective and, where required, ethically viable supplies to develop inventory at all price points

-          Manage growing cycles - ensure future stock availability with aligned planting and direct deliveries

-          Demand planning - forecast future requirements dictated by seasonal trends or emerging industry news to optimise revenue opportunities and meet customer demands

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