DIY and Home Improvement

Spanning both the B2B and B2C markets, DIY and Construction retailers face varying challenges, and multiple market forces that influence demand. 

With the large size and weight of many home, garden and DIY products, customers require a seamless dispatch capability to complement their physical store purchases.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, retailers can offer efficient stock management and distribution as part of a connected supply chain to aid their customers’ home improvements, and provide a memorable customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, creating a lasting impression of quality service that will put them in a strong position for repeat business.

HSO can help your DIY and Construction business with the following:

-          Cross channel - make purchasing of large and heavy goods simple with consistent dispatch capability

-          Backorder Management - manage excess demand for seasonal goods

-          Range planning - forecast future inventory requirement to ensure availability

 Promotions - optimise reduction markdowns to derive the most profit possible from each unit

Talk to HSO about Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM and what they can do for your DIY and Construction retail business.


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