Stores and Point of Sale

The point of sale is no longer just a transaction point, but an important element of multi-channel retailing. The point of sale provides retailers with a significant opportunity to collate information and understand customer purchasing behaviours and preferences. Historically, retailers have been unable to leverage the insight available; all this is set to change with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM.

The point of sale module within Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM can be integrated within both the physical and online stores, providing data around multiple shopping channels to influence future operations.

More than just a means of data collection, the point of sale module enables retailers to offer innovative mid-transaction promotions, and introduce customer loyalty programmes. And available as a cloud-hosted application, Microsoft Dynamics AX opens up the opportunity to mobile transactions and new sales channels such as pop-up stores.

Let HSO empower your retail point of sale in the following ways:

-          Data collection - understand customers and integrate with CRM to provide future tailored promotions

-          Stock Management - update stock levels across the retail supply chain in real-time with purchase data sent directly to the warehouse and distribution centre

-          Channel Connectivity - link the store, head office and shopping channels for comprehensive data availability and visibility over operations

-          Customer Loyalty - introduce point collection and reward based loyalty schemes for regular customers, driving repeat purchases

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