Sales Order Processing

An excellent service and customer experience is likely to lead to repeat purchases, so it’s important to get product to customers how, where and when they want, regardless of channel.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM incorporate sophisticated sales order processing functionality, helping to deliver rapid dispatch and delivery that will delight customers.

Through the sales order processing modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, customers can track their orders online, and view any disruptions that may alter expected delivery to avoid unexplained disappointment. Furthermore, through integrated ERP and CRM modules, retailers can contact customers regarding delivery via data stored in CRM.

Let HSO empower your retail sales order processing in the following ways:

-          Rapid Order Entry - simple and fast purchasing process for multi-channel retail, avoiding loss of customer through excessive data input

-          Improved Customer Service - update shoppers with delivery information using automated mail and social correspondence

-          Sales uplift - automate cross and upsell opportunities with on-page promotions and related product suggestions

-          Reduced Cost - logical consolidation of deliveries to lower distribution costs

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