Product Management and MDM

In the modern day, multi-channel retail environment, product data can often be stored in disparate sources, with different product categories and/or channels stores in different applications.

By centralising the management of product data into a single source, both employees and customers alike can receive consistent information across all sales channels and at all points of the supply chain.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, retailers can benefit from disparate data source integration, allowing for all relevant information to be stored in the same dataset.

Let HSO empower your retail product management with the following:

-          Product hierarchy - order product categories for flexible reporting and analysis

-          Document Management - attach unlimited additional information to product listings to offer more value to both employees and customers

-          3rd Party Interaction - seamless integration with external data sources such as technical specifications and product reviews for additional information

-          Data Modelling - comprehensive data modelling to include any new feature categories for product lines

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