Planning and Merchandising

Holding the stock customers want, when they want, has always been a challenge within retail, complicated further by the need to fulfil inventory requirement across various shopping platforms, as retail becomes a multi-channel industry.

Retail portfolios can consist of thousands of product instances, bound for multiple sales channels such as in-store and online. With Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, your business can rapidly create detailed reports around stock availability and future demand via extrapolated historical data to best inform merchandising and buying teams.

By connecting all elements of the retail supply chain, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM can support your business with sales budgeting, forecasting, demand management and replenishment planning, enabling you to sell as much stock as possible and capitalise on customer demand.

Let HSO empower your retail planning and merchandising in the following ways:

-          Merchandising - inventory planning; cross channel

-          Replenishment - understand levelling across thousands of product sets and automate fulfilment in line with forecasted demand

-          Product lifecycle - close monitoring of lifecycle to inform when to manage products in and out of your portfolio

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