Multichannel Marketing and Promotion (CRM)

With retail markets more competitive than ever, industry players are having to seek new means of differentiating their products and services beyond pricing. This need is consistently bringing retailers back to offering a memorable customer experience with exemplary service.

The key to customer experience is understanding; the more you know about customers, the easier it is to please them. By providing access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, retail sales, marketing and service activities can be empowered by the insight of historical customer interactions and buying patterns.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can support retailers at each stage of the sales process; automating outbound campaigns, understanding customer engagements, attributing RoI to activity and equipping service professionals to respond to post-sale customer enquiries.

Let HSO empower your multi-channel retail and marketing and promotion:

-          Customer Relationship Management - cross channel management to consistently offer a memorable customer experience along all purchasing paths

-          Promotions Management - target customers with relevant offers across channels to drive sales

-          Customer Service - equip service operatives with an in-depth knowledge of the customer to help resolve queries seamlessly

-          Automated Marketing - remove the resource strain on delivering automated campaigns, segmented by tiered data sets in CRM

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