Generating the majority of total retail spend, it is crucial that your business optimises sales within the retail store. With customers more demanding than ever, the traditional retail store has to get modern, with more pressure on forecasting, stock replenishment and customer service than ever before.

By introducing retail management systems in the form of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, businesses can optimise the sales on the shop floor, and scale up to requirements created by excesses in demand.

Retailers that understand more about their stock, sales, supply chain and customer preferences will be best set to win the battle on the high street, and that’s where Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM come in.

Let HSO empower your retail store channel with the following:

-          Planning - define product range and communicate with head office and distribution

-          Merchandising - optimal control of stock to place goods in the store where they will sell at full price, always aiming to retain profit margins

-          Point of Sale - data collection and channel connectivity with POS functionality, helping your business to operate with insight

-          Loyalty - introduce reward programmes in store to build relationships that will span a multi-channel retail approach

-          Concession Management - connect with department store concessions to control stock availability and pricing

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