With a huge 59% of the country spending on average over two hours a day on their preferred networks, there is no escaping social media as a huge opportunity for retailers to position their products.

Not only a way to promote your brand, social media is increasingly being used as a method to engage with customers and respond to queries, creating both opportunity and challenges in equal measure.

With any online sentiment, be it positive or negative, liable to spread across the globe in seconds, retailers must proactively monitor their social profiles to promote and mitigate risk in equal measure. Featuring innovative modules that follow your online profiles in real-time, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business to monitor, manage and respond to customers to solve queries and strive for growth in demand.

Let HSO empower your social media retail channel with the following:

-          Automated campaign management - deliver paid and organic social campaigns direct to customer, without the strain on internal resource

-          Social monitoring - know what your customers are saying about you and maintain a positive online presence

-          Integrated sales platform - connect social media to E-Commerce and provide yet another engagement and point of sale to secure sales

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