By its very nature, the retail industry is subject to change at any time. With online shopping offered by the majority of retailers, your customers don’t stop buying, so why should you stop selling?

Retailers that can operate with efficiency at anytime, anywhere, are best placed to take advantage of emerging trends in real-time and optimise sales revenue. Available as cloud-hosted applications, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM can be accessed by retail employees from remote locations via mobile devices, allowing them to operate with the same efficiency at all times and make business critical decisions; irrelevant of location.

Let HSO empower your mobile retail business in the following ways:

-          Multiple device management - manage ERP and CRM applications across mobile and tablet devices  

-          Always with the customer - connect to customers regardless of location or device

-          Responsive retail operations - make changes in business processes to meet customer demands; anytime, anyplace

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