Defining omnichannel and the value of the omniscient customer experience.

The words omni-channel, omnichannel and omni channel are seen across the web on a daily basis but does anyone know what is actually the correct way of spelling this word? Often when we struggle to spell such a word, then it means that the term is still relatively new.

Omni derives from the word Omnis which can mean all or universal. The way omnichannel is being described today is: ‘cross channel being done well’. So for example the mobile app should match the design of the website which should also reflect the look and feel inside the store. It could be argued that doing cross channel well with the user in mind, is not worthwhile to deserve a new category but omnichannel is something new and notable, even revolutionary, not just a marginal evolution of existing thinking.

So is omnichannel just being used as a buzzword for crosschannel with finesse? Omnichannel is about true continuity of the customer experience. Omni is about perceiving all things not just the best things from one particular brand and the best way for a customer to perceive everything is to allow them to own their data and experience, then give them the ability to use it to guide creation and context of every future experience. 

When brands think customer experience they need to think omni. It’s not about your customers or their customers, it’s about all customers.

The winners here will be the brands who can best interpret omnichannel data and understand all customers are the winners. There will be a new dimension of customer decision. As a final decision is being made to purchase, price, relationship, service and continuity will all be considered.

There are a few key points that need to be acknowledged in order for this idea to be made reality:

  • In exploring and discovering products in your brand domain that data should be transferable to be collected for use universally

  • In exchange for this data, the customer will give you access to other data they have collected that will far outweigh the value of the limited data in your brand universe

  • All experiences offline and online should allow an individual to identify themselves and present a brand with the opportunity to access my preferences



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