At HSO, we pride ourselves on our ability to go beyond ‘out of the box’, delivering solutions that are fit for purpose and which address the challenges our retail clients face. Utilising our long-standing knowledge and experience operating at the coal face of the retail industry and deploying over 300 projects, HSO has developed Dynamics Fashion for AX.

In an industry shaped by rapidly changing consumer preferences and buying power, Dynamics Fashion for AX provides retail businesses with the flexibility to respond to new trends as they happen:AX platform, with the introduction of intuitive new modules to create an ERP system that delivers the functionality needed to support fashion retailers’ increasingly multi-channel operations.

  • Optimised merchandising, stock management and replenishment through point of sale data collection to ensure that retailers can always meet customer needs
  • Faster time to market through a streamlined planning and production cycle
  • Improved service through seamless, integrated customer experience across multiple channels

The enhanced channel connectivity facilitated by Dynamics Fashion for AX from HSO allows retailers to take advantage of developing shopping patterns such as click and collect and pop up stores to move from providing a multi-channel presence, to maximising it.