AX Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Project Management

Give your project management team the tools they need to plan, organise and manage business resources.

Keep projects on track

Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you control over business-critical activities and dependencies including people, materials and services.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, integrated project management and accounting means you can be more precise and profitable with estimates and invoices. You'll be able to see where every penny goes, helping you to keep on top of a project as it progresses.

Improve team performance with Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Projects are linked to your financials to enable you to see how costs impact your bottom line
  • Accessible reports give you an accurate picture of your accounting
  • Real-time visibility of where you stand with each project
  • Manual processes like data entry are automated, so you stay on top of jobs

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you streamline your project management processes, so you are prepared for any eventualities or opportunities.

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