Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturers need to manage batch production that incorporates variable ingredients, scalable recipes and flexible routings to fulfil the specifications typically found in chemical, paint, and pharmaceutical industries.

HSO offers solutions that increase efficiencies at every level of your process manufacturing operation. We deliver innovative services that help your business to implement best-practice operations and improve planning and decision-making.

Dynamics CRM solutions for process manufacturers

We can provide a platform to support long-term growth and enable you to respond quickly to changes in your business. HSO offers solutions that span on-premises and cloud infrastructures to give you the following capabilities:

·         Complete visibility of plant operations

·         Dependable inventory control and tight scheduling capacity

·         Enhanced interactions between workers, customers, and suppliers

·         Production processes to enable your staff to work more productively

·         Insights to drive informed and faster decision-making

HSO allows process manufacturers to automate complex and unique services to deliver reliable production output.

How else can HSO help your process manufacturing business?

Business insight: gain essential visibility into all customer and supplier interactions to manage and enhance complex relationships

Maximise relationships: use this insight to maximise the value of those relationships by gearing your communications and promotions towards a client’s particular requirements 

Coordinate service: share valuable information across teams to provide consistent and informed customer services

Sales performance: boost sales by providing teams with the same in-depth transactional information and customer history

In the busy world of manufacturing, CRM can give your business the edge it needs to steal market share and maintain a competitive advantage.

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