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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing

At HSO, we understand the many and various needs of different types of manufacturer. That’s why we provide complete business solutions to help manufacturing companies manage their operations in the most competitive and resource-efficient way.

Connected manufacturing ERP with Microsoft Dynamics AX

In a fast-moving manufacturing environment, flexible production is required, as output may need to be increased or decreased to adjust to changing market conditions. We can facilitate a dependable flow through production lines and give reliable analysis of component inventories.

Microsoft Dynamics AX gives manufacturers access to real-time data, allowing them to streamline business scheduling efforts.

On-premise and cloud infrastructure that gives:

  • Complete visibility of plant operations with advanced analytics and dashboards
  • Improved documentation of processes for tighter production control
  • Insights to drive informed and faster decision-making
  • Automation of complex and unique services to deliver reliable production output
  • Touch point integration from sales and shipping through to shop floor and accounting
  • Dependable inventory control and scheduling capacity

We deliver innovative services that help your business to implement best-practice processes and improve planning and decision-making. HSO offers solutions that increase efficiencies at every level of your manufacturing operation.

See Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturing in action:

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