Microsoft Dynamics AX

HSO is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and an expert in Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables medium and large companies to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally.

Today's Landscape

Businesses face an increasing need to support an array of internal processes and departments as well as collaboration initiatives and processes with external providers – including purchasing, sales, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, projects, suppliers, customers, service and administration.

What Microsoft Dynamics AX does for you

Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easy to operate across multiple locations and countries by standardising processes, providing visibility across the organisation, and helping to simplify compliance. It facilitates communication between internal and external processes, groups and individuals, enabling efficient ways of working and significant cost savings. Incorporating the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you a clear view of your full business operations and activities .It is used by more than 10,000 customers worldwide and recognised by Gartner as the leading solution for the upper mid-market.

Flexible ERP with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Based on standard Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Dynamics AX is adaptable, scalable and easily integrated solution. Operated through the familiar Office user interface, Microsoft Dynamics AX is fully integrated alongside the Microsoft family of technologies, with information from Microsoft Dynamics AX stored and accessed through the file management program SharePoint.

Operate with insight with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Developed with users in mind, Microsoft Dynamics AX is all about giving people the tools and information they need to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. It provides 49 role-centres that correspond to the positions of employees within the company, from buyer to operations manager – giving each employee immediate visibility of the tasks and issues most relevant to them.

The role-based screens provide a graphical insight into the workload, and users receive automatic alerts about potential issues and actions needed.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for your industry

HSO has the specialist expertise to deliver industry-focused Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations for customers in a variety of sectors. We provide industry templates with ready-made functionality, specific reports and integrations for numerous market. Talk to us now to find out more.

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