Make decisions based on your data

How Microsoft Power BI gives you insight

Reporting (Power BI)

In recent years, Microsoft has worked hard to produce accessible reporting and analysis software, as understanding the performance of your business today is crucial to making the right strategic decisions.

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What is Business Intelligence?

Your business holds crucial data. Think of turnover and stock data. This information is essential for monitoring your business strategy. Clear analysis of this information is therefore essential to give direction to your business.

It’s vital that your information is relevant, reliable and up-to-date – but how do you combine different information flows within your company? How do you make informed decisions that positively contribute to your bottom line?

For the employees in the workplace

  • BI provides your employees with tools for fast, easy and efficient analysis. Analysis that they can immediately see and adapt, without losing the overall view of your internal processes.

  • BI has been used to create graphical insight into your business processes and you can see the results right away, wherever and whenever, so you can take action when needed. Your business processes are always under control.

  • With BI, you are able to collect all systematically present information within your business, giving you the power to analyse, present and disseminate. This gives you and your employees more control.



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        Business benefits

          Real-time information about what is going on in your business NOW.

            Detect relevant changes in the market and convert them into strategic options, for example, looking for trends or demand changes.

              Get a grip on your performance by giving yourself an up-to-date view of all business processes from purchasing to sales and production to delivery - at any level within the business.

                • Clear analysis: you can retrieve and analyse data in your current terminology; you don’t need to know any database jargon.