Collaboration and Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint

Collaboration and Document Management (SharePoint)

Collaboration and Document Management (Sharepoint)

Without knowledge, your business wouldn't exist. But how do you facilitate the exchange of knowledge? Can can you ensure that your employees collaborate effectively on projects?

Microsoft SharePoint facilitates cooperation between people. SharePoint can set up project websites where your employees can share information with others, manage documents and tasks from start to finish.

Sharepoint Document Management. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Traditional SharePoint services are about the need to work together on documents throughout an organisation based on particular processes. This easy, efficient and controlled access to appropriate documentation is one of the most, and perhaps the strongest, point of SharePoint.

At HSO, we’ve worked hard in recent years to create a solution where documents can be managed in SharePoint and automatically linked to the 'cause' in Dynamics. This is done in such a way, where:

  • The user no longer needs to fill in all kinds of metadata
  • Documents are stored in a fully managed site in SharePoint
  • Document names based on the metadata are converted to a common name that is broadly consistent and meaningful
  • Smart searches for documents with relevant metadata objects can be made in both internal and external collaborative workspaces
  • When documents are barred, they can be automated and controlled, optionally backed up, to be removed

HSO’s document management solution is a combination of the best SharePoint and Dynamics offer in the field of document management.

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Better, faster and smarter

With SharePoint Document Management based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, IT employees work together effectively to create documents. The team is supported by tasks, workflows and versioning, and they gain the opportunity to share mutual knowledge (with wikis and blogs).


It’s even possible to share information with customers and suppliers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 via SharePoint will provide insight into your inventory for a limited number of suppliers or you could set up a knowledge base with FAQs.


Always looking for information regarding an ongoing or completed project? What were the problems and how did the finished project look? It takes time and energy to get this information on the table. SharePoint can help you with an advanced search function that searches not only on document titles, but also the entire contents of your documents.


With SharePoint, you can be assured that you always have the latest version. You can work seamlessly with multiple people on a document and the system offers advanced version control and ensures that older versions are saved automatically.


SharePoint allows you to share and manage your projects in a central location. It allows users to send an alert when new files are added or changed. So everyone is always aware of the state of an ongoing project.


You can save time by automating SharePoint processes that are done manually. A user-friendly web environment gives the user the ability to share files and manage agendas centrally – you will always have the last modified documents using version control.


Your portal includes a role-based view of your organisation. Personal My Site portal enables your information workers to share knowledge and adjust their user experience based on individual user profiles.


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