Thinking of using CRM software?

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to create a first class experience for your customers. The smart Customer Relationship Management software brings people, data and processes together, capturing new opportunities across your business.

Microsoft CRM helps you streamline your sales processes, make the effectiveness of your marketing efforts insightful and provide an excellent service experience to your customers. One system for registration of 360 degree customer information and relevant insights.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is widely used as a stand-alone solution, but has now been incorporated as a module included in Dynamics 365

Gartner says, "Microsoft has a deep understanding of the market..." and highlights as a strength their ... "new machine-learning capabiilities for automated customer insights".  


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Thinking about CRM software?

How important are your customers to you? You want to attract new customers, and retain existing ones. If you want to be successful and ahead of your competitors, it's important that you manage your customer relationships efficiently and give your customers added value. It is imperative to have a good understanding of customer requirements so that you can respond quickly to their needs. So start using Microsoft CRM today and make the difference. 

The highlights of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft's CRM insights provide you with role-based dashboards, simple documentation and solid integrations. 

The highlights of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are:

  • Access relevant information at any time regarding your customers digital journey.
  • Integrated document management provides 24/7 access to files that are always available & never lost.
  • Integration with Yammer brings your staff together via internal discussion trails.
  • Dashboards and clear reports display clear understanding and progress.
  • Access to 360 degree information about your customers, including on your smartphone.

        CRM for Sales

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM now goes beyond sales management software by bringing digital intelligence into each deal.  It helps you to better predict your customer’s needs and focus on the right priorities to build relationships and drive revenue in your business.  

        The benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales include: 

        • Actionable Insights - Take action from dashboard reports and charts with confidence & make decisions fast. Customer Engagement - Understand customer behaviour, buying trends and potential value. 
        • Customer Management - Find more time to sell and less time on administration.  
        • Sales Performance – Accelerate your sales performance, get answers fast and hit your numbers by setting goals and standard procedures.  


        CRM for Marketing

        Microsoft's CRM solution for marketing unifies sales & marketing departments so they can connect customer experiences.

        The benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing are: 

        • Create & automatically distribute marketing communications to your customers and prospects.
        • Analyse and measure results of your marketing communications to drive future marketing decisions. 
        • Determine return on investment for marketing efforts.
        • Financial control through budget management in campaigns and budget reporting. 


        CRM for Service

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Service helps service departments improve customer relations with an excellent service experience. These features are now included in Dynamics 365 for Service.

        The benefits of deploying Dynamics CRM for service include:

        • Increased customer loyalty thanks to proactive data-based services.
        • Omnichannel commitment through integrated customer platform including social media.
        • Easy document management thanks to digitally generating SLA's and sharing documentation. 



        The versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

        All versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM contain innovative features and options. The following versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are still supported:

        • Version 2016: SMS Marketing, Outlook CRM App, Service Hub and more.
        • Version 2015: Multi-Channel Marketing, Guided Sales Processes, Case Management and more.
        • Version 2013: New navigation, auto save, smartphone apps and more.
        • Version 2011: New visualizations and dashboards, document management, goal management and more.
        • Using Microsoft Dynamics AX version of CRM?

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        Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365?

        Want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Are you confused about CRM and Dynamics 365? Or do you need to upgrade to a more up-to-date version? We would be happy to advise you on the benefits to your organisation. 

        We have broad experience with implementations and migrations. Want to know more about our methodology? Read our special page about our services. Do you want to know how our customers have experienced working with HSO? Read the stories of our reviewers like Kohler Co.  

        What our customers say: 

        "Not only the external service and the internal service have improved, and the collaboration between these departments has also been greatly improved"

        André Versteeg, Business Consultant DHP 

         "In advance we had our business requirements, goals and wishes clear and even the design was ready before we really started. HSO was able to quickly show that our goals were achievable. In about five weeks the system was ready for use . "

        Jeroen Oudshoorn, Director Business Development Smit Lamnalco