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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Connected Field Service

Customer satisfaction, team productivity and profitability are at the centre of any successful field service organisation- and the bar for excellence is set high.

The question is how to get the right field technician, with the right knowledge and the right equipment, to the right place at the right time.

The solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service - powerful end-to-end field service software with integrated CRM functionality that makes it easy to stay on top of all aspects of the field service process, benefitting planners, technicians, and service managers alike.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Discover how you can optimise your field service operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HSO. Contact our experts today to discuss your options.


Delight customers, improve resource productivity and drive ROI

Optimise your field service operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. 

The app offers features such as route optimisation, bid and tender management, timekeeping, insight into stock levels of spare parts, digital work order forms, customer portals, contracts, SLAs and RMAs. This cloud-based solution empowers you to keep exceeding your customers’ expectations by, for example, performing preventive maintenance based on predictable data (machine learning & IoT).

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The impact of smart industry on field service

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • Customer complaints
  • Field service planning
  • Up-to-date insight into scheduling
  • Transparent scheduling
  • Guaranteed subcontractor quality
  • Drawing up an optimised annual plan