Infographic: The Store Of The Future

Creating the ultimate shopping experience. The store of the future is not physical or virtual but a combination of the two, encompassing each step of a shopper's journey from browsing through to purchase.

For retailers, the customer experience is one that encompasses the high street store, online ordering and everything in between- because for shoppers, it’s all about receiving a high level of personalised and innovative service at every point of interaction.

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No matter where you are in the world today, one thing is for sure. Expectations for customer service have grown over the past few years:

Around convenience, speed, agent knowledge and insights, and by far around channel availability and digital transformation.

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It's here. The first look at the next generation of intelligent business applications in the cloud.

With the launch of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has unified the current Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service with new purpose-built apps to help manage specific business functions.

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Manufacturing Infographic


In an industry where efficiency provides a competitive edge, cloud solutions align closely with manufacturer needs.

Cloud technology is a perfect fit for manufacturing due to its scalable and cost-effective structure, and manufacturers consider breakthroughs here among the most important aspects of strengthening their competitive edge.*

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Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers retailers to be dynamics and deliver a complete shopping experience. Find out how your business can do exactly that with the latest in Microsoft ERP.

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The Total Economic Impact of Windows Tablets for Assisted Sales in Retail

The tablet device is benefiting retailers far beyond the scope of a revenue channel. It's transforming the way retail businesses operate, enabling a more mobile and customer service oriented shopping experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Empowering Retail Factsheet

In the competitive, modern retail environment, customers have come to expect exceptional levels of service and personalisation. This whitepaper investigates how retailers can offer memorable experiences through intelligent operations and modern ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Empowering Finance with Microsoft Dynamics AX Factsheet

Modern finance leaders require a holistic view of operations and processes to deliver actionable insight. This whitepaper investigates how Microsoft Dynamics AX is giving finance professionals the visibility required to work at optimal efficiency. 

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Factsheet

Competition is greater than ever before. To succeed, manufacturers have to show a higher value proposition to market. Whether it's through faster response times, higher quality products or exceptional customer service and relationships, manufacturers are being asked to do more.

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The Rise of CRM and How it's Transforming Manufacturing Businesses

Customer loyalty pays dividends. A recent survey conducted by Marketing Charts found the best way to create customer loyalty is to provide exceptional service; 24/7. This whitepaper takes a look at how a CRM system can do just that for Manufacturers. that the 

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HSO 2016 Retail Infographic

Following several years of turbulence, the retail industry is hitting back; hard. Buoyed by the adoption of online shopping and integration with in-store to create a truly multi-channel offering retailers are opening new shopping channel and with it additional revenue opportunities.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX datasheet for manufacturing organisations.

AX - Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP Software From HSO

Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive solution for managing discrete, process, and lean manufacturing. Meet the specifics needs of your business, react swiftly to industry change, familiarise your user experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Fashion & Luxury Goods datasheet

Microsoft Dynamics in Retail datasheet

In the modern day world, consumers have high expectations and are demanding expect relevant, targeted and immersive experiences whenever they interact with any of your sales channels. This datasheet will give you an overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Fashion and Luxury Goods explaining the functionality of the new retail operating model.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Today’s retail landscape offers unprecedented opportunities alongside some daunting challenges. Economic factors, the increasing choice in products and shopping formats, and unparalleled access to information are fuelling today’s empowered shoppers, who expect more from their retail experience.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Brochure

This document highlights the capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2015 Update), Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (2015 Update) and Microsoft Social Listening (2014 R2) that will further our customers’ abilities to deliver amazing customer experiences. With a commitment to an agile release cycle, there are currently several releases in planning and development.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Productivity Guide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Productivity offers a suite of high quality customer relationship management tools and premier services to empower your service initiatives and easily manage customer data, making the sales job easier with a 360 view of all the customer and prospect activities.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX: Powerful, Agile, Simple

AX2012 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP Software From HSO

Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP solution for enterprises that empowers you to foresee and welcome change so your business can excel. 

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Why should you buy Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a global enterprise business system. Dynamics AX is a powerful solution that is simple to learn and easy to use. It delivers users genuine value quickly by assisting with industry-specific and operational business processes throughout your entire global enterprise.

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Customer perception survey

7599 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM ERP Software From HSO

Work Better, Faster, and Smarter. Make informed, proactive decisions by giving your people forward-looking systems. What makes ERP implementation successful? Is it the solution itself, the way it’s implemented, the way it’s adopted, or whether it delivers what the customer expected? It’s all of these and more as our own clients have testified.

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Forrester Report: The Future of ERP

With the first Microsoft release coming in 1998, ERP is not a new concept. However, the enhanced functionality and capability that the technology can bring to user is. ERP Vendors are beginning to have a serious re-think about what ERP solutions can do, and the role the technology can play in business operations. 

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