The field service industry, by its very name and nature, is an industry that can’t simply work from home. It has always relied on field service engineers with parts and tools to be out there on-site, carrying out their responsibilities in maintenance and care for customers. The pandemic of Covid-19 has presented significant challenges for the field service sector. However it is one that is stepping up to the plate and is overcoming the global threat. In our latest video series, Transforming Service Delivery – Using technology to enhance customer experience, we help field service organisations to adapt, innovate and thrive in the current working environment.

Episode 7 - Automated service reminders and technician tracking

Episode 6 - Flexible customer self-service scheduling

Provide your customers with the flexibility to self-schedule service appointments at their own convenience using portals.

Episode 5 - Performing Mobile Inspections

In our next video in our Transforming Service Delivery series, we show you that the mobile inspection application in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can replace cluttered checklists and unorganised data with paperless inspections and digital reporting.

Episode 4 - Drive Exceptional Customer Experience

Provide the best customer service experience using agent productivity tools and shared information using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Episode 3 - Mobile Workforce Management

In this episode, Shilen shows you how Field Service Technicians can view and complete work orders whilst out on the road.

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