Cloud software solutions for multi-entity setup and management: Automate and streamline the process, regardless of complexity

Organizations with multiple entities and global operations face challenges in managing them. Processes are complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone, and regulatory scrutiny is more intense than ever. HSO’s DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Management, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (formerly AX), provides everything your finance team needs to effectively and efficiently automate the processes involved in setup and maintenance of multiple entities.

  • Consolidate hundreds of entities on multiple levels in minutes and with just a couple of clicks, regardless of complexity.
  • Build workflows that support master data management and segregation of duty, simplifying and securing processes.
  • Manage multi-entity transaction imports with a single workflow.
  • Take advantage of robust, flexible fund accounting.
  • Set up entities quickly and keep them synchronized.

The advanced features in DynamicsAdvantage not only automate processes and save time, but they also increase the accuracy of financial data and help keep you in compliance while providing better visibility for faster, smarter decision making.

Fast, simple consolidation for even the most complex structures

With enhanced consolidation features, you get traceability, accuracy, visibility, and security. Optimized to support advanced structures with hundreds of entities at many levels, the consolidation process is automated and streamlined. Even entities using multiple currencies are easily managed, including currency translations, revaluations, and eliminations. By utilizing an easily configurable, graphical representation of your legal entity structure, consolidation is reduced to just a couple of clicks.

Robust fund accounting that extends ERP

Robust fund accounting features enhance and extend Dynamics 365 to help you streamline accounting across multiple entities. Take manual entries out of the picture with flexibility that helps you work more efficiently and enables you to offer more options to your customers or investors.

Workflows for efficient, secure master data management

Workflows are excellent at helping streamline the transaction approval process. But what about security? Enhanced workflows for master records allow you to put workflows around master data management while supporting segregation of duties (SoD). You can create workflows for financial dimensions, main accounts, vendors, and more, so your approval processes are efficient and secure.

Multi-entity transaction import—with a single workflow

DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Management provides a quick and easy way to create ledger, customer invoice, vendor invoice, bank, fixed asset, and project transactions for multiple entities. Using a configured template, you can execute a multi-entity Excel import with a single workflow that allows you to approve only one time before allocating to the various entities. This powerful feature saves time by removing the need to create multiple workflows and by automating the process.

New entity set-up and synchronization for data management across entities

Setting up a new legal entity is no longer a manual, time-consuming process with automated set-up and data synchronization. You can set up a new entity from an existing, fully configured entity, selecting only the components you want. Enhanced features also keep master data and configuration set-up data synchronized across all your entities or a subset, depending on your needs. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined and automated processes help you manage a complex multi-entity structure—consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes
  • Scalability and visibility enable you to make smarter decisions and expand your business
  • User defined workflows help you manage master data efficiently
  • Role-based security keeps sensitive information safe and secure
  • Shared data and unified processes across the organization improve productivity
  • Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities free you to operate globally
  • Enterprise-class integrations make it easy to work with business-critical tools

HSO's DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Management

How HSO Helps Financial Services Companies with Multi-Entity Management The breadth of experience we have working with financial services companies allows us to create solutions that work for a wide range of problems faced specifically by financial services companies. One of the biggest issues for these types of companies is managing multiple legal entities. Watch our video to learn how your company can use our tools to consolidate over 200 legal entities in under 20 minutes.