Chapter 3

Case Study 1: Improving the retail supply chain with HSO Electricals Retailer AO

AO works with HSO to run Microsoft Dynamics 365 for multiple parts of its supply chain – it is deployed for
managing and forecasting online inventory but was also leveraged for in-store stock management when
it trialled pop-up shops in several Tesco superstores.

Carl Phillips, Group Technology Director at AO, commented: 

We’re excited that we are able to keep the core of the product evergreen, whilst at the same time, being able to extend through the APIs and, as big users of Office 365, Power BI and Teams, we’re really looking forward to seeing how all the parts can come together to offer a really first-class, connected experience for our colleagues across the business, and how we can leverage these to make our customers even happier.”

Another aspect that attracted AO to Microsoft technology was the hosted services provided by Microsoft Azure.
We’re confident in the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and that we could quickly scale up if we needed to,” Phillips added. (10)