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Where is manufacturing today in terms of agility? 

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Last year, The Manufacturer conducted the second Manufacturing Agility Assessment, sponsored by HSO.  We learned how many manufacturers had overestimated their own agility following the global pandemic. However, when faced with new challenges in the form of significant global events, these organisations soon realised they weren't as agile as they thought.

But where is manufacturing today in terms of agility and what does the future hold? 

The 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment, the third iteration of its kind, provides a deep dive into the industry’s agility, strategy, challenges and goals.


  • Why manufacturers believe their agility has increased since 2022
  • How creativity and technology are driving agility
  • Why supply chain diversification is the name of the game right now
  • The importance of data for decision-making
  • Manufacturers' top business area improvements
  • The obstacles coming between companies and their goals over the next 12-24 months
  • Why manufacturers are looking to retain first, recruit second

The 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment is based on a survey of manufacturing professionals between June and July 2023. To add further context, The Manufacturer Editorial Team conducted follow-up interviews with a number of respondents. The end result is a report that is rich in data insights and underpinned by a real-world narrative.

“For me, one factor stands out and that is how many manufacturers are leveraging digital solutions to afford a raft of benefits. As you will learn, numerous companies are increasing their agility, boosting productivity and improving quality by harnessing the power of data.”

James Devonshire International Reporter for Hennik Research, part of Nineteen Group, and author of the report

Refreshing to hear why many manufacturers are striving to make these tangible agility gains: for the competitive advantage that doing so affords, potentially opening doors to new business opportunities

Matt Birtwistle Manufacturing Industry Director at HSO

The Manufacturer | 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment - The Findings & the Future

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