A rigid UNIX system required data from one application to another to be retyped. With Microsoft Dynamics AX a fully integrated environment has been realized, in which KwikFit can function decisively. KwikFit is the largest car service chain in Europe with 2,300 service points. The Netherlands currently has 180 KwikFit branches and this number is still growing. All activities are managed from the central office in Harderwijk. Here they decided to replace the old financial UNIX. The choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The company

KwikFit has been around for over 30 years and started as a progressive ‘fastfit’ concept in Scotland. The company is now the largest car service chain in Europe with 11,000 employees serving more than eight million customers annually. In some countries the company is known under a different name, such as Pitstop (Germany) or Speedy (France). All activities in the Dutch service points, with a total of 1,500 employees, are managed from the central office in Harderwijk. The KwikFit Nederland Group consists of the operating companies KwikFit Nederland (retail) and USN / Centuri Nederland (Wholesale).

Both have their own POS (point of sale) and back office system. The KwikFit component uses a customized application from the United Kingdom, while USN works with Microsoft Dynamics Nav. In addition, several other applications run on the more than forty servers in Harderwijk.

The situation

Paul Traas has been with the company for twelve years. He talks about the original situation and the switch to Microsoft Dynamics AX: “We worked with Triathlon, a financial package under UNIX. That package was already quite old and absolutely not flexible. ”

“This meant that the data could not be exported to other applications, as a result of which we printed almost everything on paper and had to retype a lot. At first we did not have the Microsoft ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX in sight. We only searched for a good administrative package, such as Exact and AFAS. Exact seemed to meet all the basic requirements, but in practice several additional applications would also be needed. “