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Gain End-to-End Supply Chain Excellence

Nothing magnifies internal and external issues like an unexpected disruption in the supply chain

For regulated manufacturers, the speed with which you can remedy those interruptions can be

With HSO and Merit for Life Science, you can pinpoint the trouble spots and put the right checks and
balances in place to prevent them. By monitoring the rules that matter, you’ll have confidence that
you’re working with qualified suppliers, managing resources with precision, and accurately and
consistently producing product.


  • Qualify vendors for items before ordering raw materials from them. Track all interactions with vendors including vendor nonconformances that could put them out of vendor qualification.
  • Digitally enforce ordering from qualified vendors only.
  • Proactively manage what qualified suppliers are coming up for recertification.
  • Test incoming vendor raw materials according to various test protocols related to risk and industry accepted sampling protocols.

Material management and control

  • Control assets tied up in raw materials, intermediate product, and finished goods product inventory with expiration dates per lots. Ensure lots are used before they expire or before the window of time required to put them out to customers closes.
  • Reset material lots expiration dates after retesting for stability and other attributes. Use a digital platform to identify those material lots and retest within the available times.
  • Recall trace any product at any time, quickly and completely, from the customer finished good all the way back to all raw materials used and every step in between.
  • Prevent cross-contamination of materials while enabling accurate costing of materials based on actual dispensing units. Ensure accurate and consistent weighing of all material types.
  • Control material labels with the ability to audit printed labels. Automate label printing and have the system pull relevant information onto labels in a controlled manner.