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  • How to pave your path to AI with Microsoft Fabric

How to pave your path to AI with Microsoft Fabric

Watch the experts from HSO and Microsoft take you on a journey to AI success.

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What is Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is a complete analytics platform that solves two unique challenges:

  1. It brings together all of your data and analytics tools into a single consolidated platform
  2. With this single connected view, it enables you to infuse AI models

This makes it quick and easy to use natural language queries to build reports, write code, create data flows, and uncover insights buried deep across a labyrinth of disconnected systems.

However, there’s a catch…

Without a constant supply of clean data from a well-managed and highly integrated analytics system, AI will be of no use to you. And this is why your AI journey must begin with Fabric.

So, if you’re serious about using AI within your organisation then watch the video now.

This session covers

This 60-minute recorded session covers:

  • What Microsoft Fabric is, and how it works
  • 3 use cases and how they apply to you
  • A demonstration of Microsoft Fabric and AI in action

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Know what Fabric is, what it does
  • How it helps organisations like yours
  • Have demystified the jargon and be able to relate it to real-world value
  • Understand how to get going with it the very next day
  • Be bursting with ideas on how to apply it to your organisation
  • And, most importantly, you’ll feel more confident and energised in how your organisation and your customers can benefit from it

And you’ll learn all this from the comfort of your own desk/breakfast bar/office table/library/shed/loft.

How to pave your path to AI with Microsoft Fabric

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