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Reliable data platform enables effective collaboration at Alliantie Housing

Using AI to drive more effective teams and better services for tenants

This housing corporation believes that data intelligence can help teams work more efficiently and deliver better services to their tenants.

Use cases that Alliantie wanted to address using AI included fraud prevention, as well as the process of "re-letting". When a tenant leaves, the model can give a good indication of whether the property is ready to be immediately re-rented, or whether maintenance is needed. This saves teams of inspectors a lot of time. The biggest challenge they faced when trying to implement these AI initiatives was the lack and inefficiency of data management and knowledge of Azure. De Alliantie's question to us:

Can you provide a better managed data and machine learning platform that enables our current but also future data and AI initiatives, bringing together both data engineering and data science?


One of the outcomes was that the teams of data scientists and data engineers were able to collaborate much more effectively. We were able to onboard both data and the two teams on the platform. This helped in eliminating the boundaries between the teams, improving the workload for both data engineers and data scientists.