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MPS Systems: a stable data architecture and continuous data flow

Enabling a data-driven way of working and company culture

Machine manufacturer MPS Systems designs and builds printing presses for labels and the flexible packaging industry. The main mission of MPS is to enable machine operators to deliver the best quality and productivity. This is only possible if the machines are used to their full potential. And that’s where AI comes in.

MPS systems already experimented with IoT on their machines, with the ambition to develop a model that would help educate their customers on the most efficient use of the machines. But they ran into issues around data structure, hosting and management. Their question to us:

Can you set up a new data architecture, that enables existing and future data and AI-initiatives?


MPS' architecture and data warehouse is now set up in the Microsoft Azure cloud, with data coming in through a continuous, stable flow from the machines, via Azure Device Agent, ready for further analysis.