4 Use Cases:
These customers realized a future-proof dataplatform with Microsoft Azure

Creating the conditions for customers to get real value out of their AI and Machine Learning initiatives

"An operational data platform is the foundation on which you can leverage the potential of AI. Because without high quality, available data, you won't realize results."

Where many organizations might still struggle with understanding how AI will affect their business and markets, there are probably even more companies that have already been experimenting with AI and Machine Learning models.

And that's no wonder, since the opportunities of AI driving innovation, efficiency and new business models are huge! However, what we find is that many of these early adoptors sooner or later run into some kind of wall. They can't scale or grow their Proof of Concepts. And the lack of a stable data platform, with quality standards and governance in place is quite often the root cause. That's where our experience and knowledge of the Microsoft Azure AI platform comes in.

Sebastiaan Oude Groeniger is Managing Consultant Data & AI at Motion10 (a HSO Company). In this role he advises clients on data issues and together with his team he develops and implements Machine Learning platforms. And in most cases, this is preceded by a complex data project. We asked Sebastiaan about stories of clients making significant strides in the field of AI and what was required to help them get there.

"What these 4 stories have in common is that in all these cases we 'enable' our customers. We create the conditions that allow customers to get real value out of their data and AI initiatives. Because if proper data management, standards and governance fall between the cracks, your AI projects just won't  deliver value."

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