Which Cloud is Right for You?

When people talk cloud migration, it doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’. Based on your business and application requirements, a full migration may not necessarily be the best way to run your IT infrastructure cost-effectively. Due to the flexibility of hosted platforms, the conversation is moving from ‘if cloud’ towards ‘which cloud’.

There are three types of cloud platform: private, public and hybrid. The platforms are defined as follows:

Private Cloud: Generally more expensive but provides maximal security to highly sensitive data

Public Cloud: Open cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, typically are cost-effective

Hybrid Cloud: Comprised of both private and public cloud, as well as traditional on-premise storage, allowing you to experience the benefits of all options

When considering which cloud environment is best for your business, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Is your data of a sensitive nature and regulated by authorities?
  • Does your IT bandwidth experience peaks and troughs in its usage?
  • Do you need to retain existing systems?
  • What level of IT capability does your business hold in-house?
  • How much time do your employees spend working off-site?

The right hosted platform really comes down to your individual business needs. If you want reassurance that your most important data is safe, it may be best to host privately, or even on a server you can see in the office. However, software used by remote workers would be best served hosted. The different requirements within businesses often conflict, which is really pushing forward the case for hybrid environments, where security and mobility can be harnessed equally. The key to making the right cloud decision is knowing what’s really essential to your business and looking forward to what will be important to you in the coming years.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, at HSO we understand the value of hosting. Traditionally an on-premise application, in future we see Microsoft Dynamics AX move more to the cloud. This will make ERP even more valuable, with businesses able to connect channels, uncover insights and generate visibility across all operations in real-time; a great boost for organisations that place ERP at the forefront of their day-to-day activities. With all this functionality available to employees at any time, any place, Microsoft Dynamics AX in the cloud is set to empower operations at every turn.

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