The Oil & Gas Industries and Dynamics AX: a Perfect Match

By providing the ability to understand resource allocation and capacity utilization, ERP solutions offer visibility over complex business and supply chain operations. Although used in a multitude of sectors, one industry that derives significant benefit from ERP software is the Oil & Gas market. The industries asset heavy nature places great emphasis upon using ERP software to provide a working knowledge over the health of vital assets, to ensure that they continue to deliver value to the business. This allows businesses to understand and manage assets as part of their wider operations.

Having real-time reporting through ERP provides advanced insight into business behavior, crucial to an industry which is subject to rapidly changing market conditions. As priceless commodities, any slight interference over the supply of Oil & Gas can have massive ramifications upon the state of the industry. This frequently leads to changes in the operational landscape, time scales and the budgets within the Oil & Gas industry. Businesses able to overcome these challenges are better set for success in the sector. As a Dynamics AX ERP solution provider, HSO Equipment are able to improve business flexibility and responsiveness to unforeseen changes that could have a major impact upon operations. Facilitating the access of Dynamics AX applications via mobile devices on the move has further allowed the Oil & Gas industries to thrive. Added mobility is enabling Oil & Gas companies to have a clear picture of their operations from remote locations, such as on site drilling and off shore oil platforms. The importance placed upon ERP solutions such as Dynamics AX is clear, with Oil & Gas organisations viewing ERP software as the most important element of their IT infrastructure and imperative to their success.

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