Microsoft and HSO at the National Retail Federation Exhibition

Recently Microsoft visited New York for the National Retail Federation exhibition; the annual showcase for everything new in the Retail industry.

Microsoft’s main focus of the event was to highlight how technology can help retailers keep customers at the heart of everything they do; with new ways to engage shoppers through modern tools and approaches.

Retailing in The Cloud

On the NRF show floor, Microsoft  unveiled a brand engagement tool from L’Oréal, as well as an application that enables a whole new way to shop for groceries. 

These technologies aim to help retailers create the next level of customer service, with more personalized interactions supported by machine learning, analytics and the cloud. 

Tried and Trusted Dynamics for Retail

These parallel the power of Microsoft’s existing solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics for Retail, which runs across devices from cash registers to tablets for seamless inventory management, enterprise resource planning, and information-sharing.

At the NRF, Microsoft showcased to a number of customers who are testing and deploying modern retail solutions, that will help them increase sales, build loyalty and transform their businesses.

Retail Innovation

With Microsoft’s new solutions, retailers will even be able see aisles that are drawing shoppers’ attention. Stores can now capture a level of insight previously only available through Web analytics, enabling retailers to offer memorable, immersive experiences that build customer loyalty and engagement.

Microsoft presented a number of well-known businesses such as; Macy’s, L’Oréal Paris, Modelez International, Gerrity’s Supermarkets and Fnac, demonstrating how these businesses have increased their sales, built loyalty and transformed their business.

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