HSO US Selected to Deliver Bootcamp Training Sessions for Microsoft

It is a pleasure to inform you that HSO was recently selected by Microsoft Corporation to deliver boot camp training sessions on Dynamics AX.

The mission of this program is to train over 1000 consultants in the US by the end of 2007. The objectives are to deliver consultants who are certified in Dynamics AX and, more important, to train consultants with a series of practical business cases. The combination of practical business cases in AX, business knowledge and application expertise, makes this university unique and only available for (potential) AX consultants. The HSO University boot camp will therefore become a certificate on its own!

The HSO University started business last week by offering its first track in Finance. A track consists of 3 weeks of continuous training in a bootcamp format. Tracks are functionally oriented. The training facility, with its all inclusive campus, allows students to learn and stay in the same location for 3 consecutive weeks. This is an extraordinary experience and has a lot of similarities with the HSO Master Class concept that we ran in the 90’s to train consultants using Baan.

The HSO University has significant visibility in the US because it is part of the US Partner Readiness campaign. Microsoft therefore aggressively markets the opportunity and generates the demand for the classes. With the objective to grow more than 35% per year with Dynamics AX only, the US market must grow rapidly.

Currently, all focus is on delivering high quality training. However, we expect substantial spin-off business for the VAR activities in the US as a result.

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