How a Multi Channel Environment can Give You a Blueprint for Success

As with many industries, retail is unrecognizable from the marketplace of years gone by. Vast developments in global economies, the growth of developing markets and the increasing trends in import/export businesses has bought fierce competition to retailers.

To survive, businesses must utilize every tool at their disposal to experience the Holy Grail that is customer loyalty and the revenues that come with it. And perfecting a multi-channel environment is the key to this.

A multi-channel environment provides shoppers with a seamless customer experience. Retailers can use numerous channels such as physical stores, online commerce and social media before, during and after the physical purchase of goods or services to maximize customer satisfaction. Systems and processes between the numerous channels provide a journey for customers to take on the road to purchase.

By virtue of the vast array of competition out there, customers have been afforded the luxury of experiencing the very best in customer service and shopping experience. This has created more pressing consumer demands, which retailers are struggling to satisfy within their multi-channel environments, research from Accenture shows. 

Businesses are more than aware in this shift towards offering a bespoke shopping experience that is consistent across all platforms. Further research has shown that retail CIO’s have identified the need to understand their customers in order to create the perfect shopper experience as a crucial trend in the coming 12 months. They see it as a big predictor for success. And retailers are turning to technology to empower their multi-channel operations.

That’s where HSO Retail come in. With over 25 years of experience in delivering leading ERP solutions to businesses in the retail and fashion industries, we have first-hand experience of how Microsoft Dynamics AX can give your business increased market visibility and enhance customer insight as you strive to achieve the perfect multi-channel environment.

Talk to HSO Retail now to make multi-channel retail a reality.

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