Darty Uses HSO and Dynamics AX to Empower Supply Chain Operations

Darty, a Dutch Business, required a modern ERP solution. With the help of HSO, they overcame their challenges.

Darty Group is a European electronics retailer, formerly known as Kesa Electricals. With over 370 stores and some 17,000 employees, Darty Group is a big business, with various product lines. Darty were experiencing issues regarding stock control, and knowing when stocks needed replenishing.

Darty Group were wary that having depleted stock levels is bad for business, and can often leave customers disappointed and likely to turn to an alternative retailer.  To avoid this scenario, and create an improved customer experience, Darty Group partnered with HSO to utilize the ERP solution Dynamics AX. With Dynamics AX, Darty group experienced better visibility over stock availability. This allowed for the business to plan incoming stock orderings accordingly, plan for excess demand and generally improve supply chain operations. 

To find out more about what HSO and Dynamics AX did for Darty group, view the Darty case study.

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