WPC Day 3 Highlights: the Pace of Change and Partner Transformation

As Microsoft opened the doors to WPC 2016’s closing day, it shifted attention towards how it is helping partners to become more successful. Namely, through new programmes, tools and resources that will unlock doors to success over the coming year. Here, we cover the highlights.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The world is evolving, and today we are looking down the barrel of the fourth industrial revolution. From the steam engine to the personal computer, these revolutions are characterised by a few defining inventions. Now, it’s the cloud – the world’s new infrastructure.

Today, three central world-changing technologies, the physical, biological and digital, are each powered by the cloud. It is by no means an understatement to say that this truly is opening doors to a world of new possibilities; respective business growth is one of these.

The Pace of Change

With digital transformation dictating the pace of change in technology, it’s again the cloud that is proving the colossal force inside of it. It’s estimated that by 2020, the value of opportunities arisen through cloud technology will stand at $500 billion.

Microsoft’s cloud partner momentum is thriving, with partners themselves benefiting hugely. On average, for every $1 of Microsoft services sold partners earn $5.87. Those making movements into fully utilising the cloud are achieving 40% higher revenues than those less invested.

WPC, WPC Toronto, Microsoft WPC, World Partner Conference, WPC 2016

Be a Successful Partner

  • Microsoft unveiled their four key attributes of a profitable partner:
  • Differentiating to stand out
  • Modernising sales and marketing 
  • Optimising operations
  • Delivering customer lifetime value

Doing more than ever to connect partners with customers, and vice versa, Microsoft wants to build the success and strengths of their partners as much as possible. In doubling their investments in free software alongside cloud services and platforms through the next year, Microsoft is helping people to access and deploy cloud productivity like never before.

 “We have never had an opportunity like his before, now is the time to be amazing.” Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft.

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