WPC Day 2 Highlights: Driving innovation and partner opportunity

Heading into the second keynote of the conference, we have already found out how Microsoft and its partners can help customers Digitally Transform their businesses within the three areas of Building the Intelligent Cloud, Re-inventing Productivity and Business Process, and Creating More Personal Computing.

Scott Guthrie (Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise Group) now gave us an update on the sheer scale of Microsoft Cloud Operations, stating that no other platform offers the breadth of Microsoft Cloud.

Partner Opportunity

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The Microsoft Cloud provides both choice and flexibility that can be passed on to your customers. With the Cloud Solution Provider Programme, you can, if you wish, own the end-to-end relationship with your customers. 

It allows you to own your customers’ journey to the cloud – creating cloud subscriptions, setting price terms and billing and being the first point of contact for your customers’ support. It enables you to deliver solutions directly to your customers as an integrated experience.

This is one of the many upcoming ways in which Microsoft wants to do more with its partners and customers.

Microsoft Office 365

We also learned how much the Microsoft Office 365 platform has grown in its five-year duration. Today, over 70M+ people are using Office 365 at work every single month. Paid seats have increased 57% year over year. One of the fastest drivers of this growth is the email workload. With partners help, we’re seeing huge growth – 80% share of companies using cloud email with revenue above $10 billion.

This Office 365 adoption and usage provides big Partner opportunities particularly within new capability areas released such as voice and analytics.

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