WPC Day 1 Highlights: The Digital Transformation Opportunity

Monday saw the opening of the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. The keynote speech ‘Digital Transformation’ was opened by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. This speech gave us an insight into the future of Microsoft Technologies, including the hotly anticipated Hololens.

During the keynote, Satya Nadella spoke highly about three core ambitions that play a fundamental part in digitally transforming a modern business: 

Re-inventing Productivity and Business Process

This is primarily focused on removing the barriers between productivity tools and business applications. The main focus is to strive for connected Cloud Data SaaS solutions such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to simplify data sharing.

Building the Intelligent Cloud

Microsoft has taken decades of research from Microsoft Research encapsulating speech, computer vision, natural language text understanding, and made these available as APIs. These APIs are being used to infuse perception into apps – the ability for Apps/Bots to understand speech and see i.e. computer vision.

Create More Personal Computing

Create more personal computing was the third and final ambition covered. Satya discussed Windows 10 – an OS system spanning multiple devices from Raspberry PI to Hololens and bringing centralised infrastructure benefits and cost savings to businesses.

On the topic of Hololens he discussed how personal computing is shaped by category creation moments. Moments where input and output change. ‘Mixed Reality’ is that moment. With Hololens it has created an interface changing moment – mixing real with virtual, enabling us to be anywhere and everywhere – fully untethered and mobile.

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