Why manufacturers need to integrate data and departments to deliver servitisation

Servitisation for manufacturers means developing capabilities to provide services and solutions that supplement their traditional product offerings.

Why integrating data and departments can deliver true servitisation for manufacturers by Fabrizio Battaglia, Head of Manufacturing HSO, looks at how assimilating data is a pivotal step on the journey to achieving servitisation.

Customer data can lead to servitisation

When it comes to delivering true servitisation, it’s vital to capture every facet of information around the customer’s experience and use this insight when it comes to making decisions on the production line and in the design and development departments. This can include collating information from social media or other data in the cloud to realise a complete view of customers and suppliers.

The proliferation of big data technologies has led to an increase in connected devices, driving the Internet of Things (IoT). For manufacturers, this offers even more opportunities to analyse data and use the insights garnered to change business practices.

By regularly evaluating their business models to look for where they can offer services and solutions, manufacturing companies are able to find new ways to add value to their principal product offerings.

Data collection and ERP

The link between data collection and servitisation can be facilitated by the latest ERP technologies. For example, information collected regarding key products can be fed back into ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

Ultimately, this data and the insights it generates can enable manufacturers to make more informed decisions about new innovations and service offerings. It also allows companies to optimise existing products and improve the customer experience they deliver.

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