Whitepaper: The benefits of servitisation for manufacturers

Sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace is the order of the day for today’s manufacturers, as the UK exits the economic downturn and looks to develop an edge over low-cost economies like China. This whitepaper looks at the positive impact servitisation can have on a manufacturers revenue stream.

The focus is on developing high-value innovative products that are intelligent, intuitive and responsive to their environments, and targeting them at premium markets.Servitisation_for_manufacturers

In line with this, we are seeing the growth of servitisation, with manufacturers reviewing their entire business approach and increasingly offering services and solutions that complement and add further value to their core and increasingly innovative product offerings.

The benefits of servitisation are many and varied. By using the approach to get closer to customers, businesses drive up loyalty levels; develop more valuable supplier-customer relationships and ultimately generate recurring and incremental revenue streams.

The following whitepaper examines the manufacturing industry and the benefits of servitisation in greater detail.

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