Whitepaper: Supply Chain Management in Manufacturing

Today's manufacturers have evolved from traditional methods of manufacturing and selling; supply chains are usually global, and their suppliers have become business partners.

Demand has also grown with the expectation that manufacturers not only provide the right product at the right time, but highlight market trends by monitoring consumer behaviour.

The challenge for manufacturers is to build a supply chain that supports this complexity while retaining the fluidity needed to manage geographically dispersed business divisions. 

To achieve this, many are leaning on ERP solutions.

This whitepaper explores the advancements made in ERP technology and the impact that this technology now has on every single link within the supply chain.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: the next step in the right direction

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP addresses manufacturer needs with a flexible, integrated solution that focusses on supply chain management and manufacturing resource planning, with an emphasis on customer needs.

With great competition, manufacturers must demonstrate a high value through faster response times, better quality products and exceptional customer service. Taking full advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP enables just that.

Download the whitepaper here

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