Whitepaper: 5 Proven Omni-Channel Engagement Strategies To Increase The Loyalty Of Your Customers

With footfall decreasing in high-street stores and eCommerce increasing its share of the worldwide retail market up to 8.7% in 20161; projected to reach 14.6% by 2020; many people are clamouring to announce time-of-death for the retail industry.

While it’s true that the rise of online shopping is increasing competition and helping independent shops compete on a level playing field, it’s also providing fantastic opportunities for those able to improve omni-channel engagement.

Studies have shown that brands making the effort to engage their audience with a consistent omni-channel strategy enjoy a 14.6% year-over-year increase in annual revenue and a 13% annual improvement in customer retention rates.

Don’t ignore these statistics! Here are five strategies to engage your shoppers and keep them coming back for more by making the most of the omni-channel tools at your disposal. Download the Whitepaper here

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