Whitepaper: 10 ways manufacturers are transforming operations using cloud computing

According to predictions from IDC*, by the end of 2016, 65% of manufacturers will have brought new technology investments to fruition that are able to evaluate and facilitate change across the workplace.

Manufacturing in the Cloud

The cloud has allowed manufacturers to connect, scale and operate in new cost-effective ways, as well as giving them different channels to engage with customers, suppliers and partners. 

On the back of this, advanced analytics supported by cloud-based technology is becoming more pervasive, offering manufacturing firms the opportunity to utilise the data they hold and turn it into valuable business intelligence.

Transformative technology

Advanced analytics and the ability to work from anywhere and from any device are perhaps the two factors that have impacted most on the way cloud technologies have transformed manufacturing. 

Leveraging the power of data and changing the way your staff work has revolutionised the factory floor – by increasing productivity and profitability and driving revenue growth. 

This whitepaper looks at 10 ways manufacturers have used cloud computing to revolutionise their industry. Read it now, here.

*IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing 2016 Predictions 

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