Using social media to complement ecommerce platforms

Many retailers are already using social media feeds on their websites to show what customers are saying about them, but many have yet to use social media platforms to actively promote themselves. As of the second quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion monthly active users while the microblogging service Twitter averaged at 313 million monthly active users.*

That’s a vast number of people that can be reached for a negligible marketing budget. With minimal effort and expenditure, retailers can promote their brands and attract an entirely new customer base with some well-aimed tweets or compelling content.

And it’s not just about advertising. As it has evolved, social media has become just as much about selling. In a recent article, A1 Retail Magazine explored how retailers can make a direct connection between promotion and sales.

Directly linking advertising with ecommerce 

The ‘buy button’ that is becoming more prevalent on social media sites is now closing the gap between simply advertising and actually purchasing. Consumers can view an item they like on Facebook or Instagram and then click through to buy. This immediacy of action is vital to retailers who want to capture the momentum social media offers.

On top of this, shoppers are now looking for discounts and promotions on social media channels. Twitter feeds and Facebook pages can be used to entice consumers with special offers. For maximum results, this specific targeting of an audience needs to be followed up with clear instructions on how to buy the product.

A constant social presence

With social media becoming such a constant presence in people’s lives, it’s no wonder retailers are using this platform to reach a whole new type of consumer. Facilitating these new purchasing and communication channels are the latest ERP technologies. Retailers keen to capitalise on this new wave of consumer behaviour are relying on ERP software to give them the platform to handle this digital revolution.

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