Unlocking the ERP Initiative

Research body Gartner has recently released a series of reports discussing the ‘key technology initiatives’ for businesses, with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) featured.

As part of the report, Gartner discussed the comprehensive benefits of migrating to a sophisticated ERP system; while also highlighting key factors to determine your readiness for an ERP system. Gartner listed the following points as potential obstacles to adoption, and considerations that must be taken to optimise the benefit of ERP:

  • Retirement of legacy applications

  • Integration of ERP amongst existing infrastructure

  • Development of an ERP strategy to align the solution with businesses

5 phases to ERP implementation success

To achieve a successful ERP deployment, Gartner recommend taking a five phrase approach:

  • Plan and define a strategy – Scope and mandate the project, establish budgets and assess how ERP will align with current resource
  • Solution architecture – Model the current business requirements, any specific modules required and performance metrics
  • Choose a solution – Evaluate the merits of each ERP provider to find the ideal partner, considering timelines and service level agreements
  • Solution integration – Coordinate the ERP deployment and align with current IT systems
  • Operation and establishment – Encourage user adoption, develop necessary skills and evaluate the solutions performance

Download the full report here

With over 25 years’ experience of Microsoft ERP projects, HSO understands what is required for a seamless implementation. Building upon the stages suggested by Gartner, HSO have developed an end-to-end process that we call the Excellerate methodology; incorporating the business case, solution modelling, deployment and end user support to help customers get the most from their ERP solution.

To find out more about HSOs deployments of leading business solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics AX, contact us at info-uk@hso.com or on 020 3128 7767.


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