Top 10 Best Practices for Migrating Data from On-Premise to the Cloud

Cloud technology has erupted into something that for most businesses is proving an option too attractive to pass up. Bringing with it a never-ending list of advancements, the holistic capabilities of cloud IT have become irrefutable.

If you aren’t already familiar with these benefits, then here are a handful adaptable and flexible business functioning, long-term and sustainable stability, considerably lower overheads, centrally controllable workloads, automated data back-up, and more.

A new, unparalleled cloud-based user system

A carefully planned and strategically executed transition to cloud computing will permit you to find a level of productivity and user experience that is unparalleled by anything you’ve seen before, and believe me, your customers will be delighted.

It all sounds wonderful, right? Well, there is a slight issue. Before you can sit back and enjoy a superior user experience, there is the small matter of the transition to take care of. 

Empower yourself with Data Migration 

Data. The predictor, the analyst, the prover. Data is the solution to many things, and in order to complete a transition to a cloud computing solution at some point you must cross the bridge of migrating your current data over from your existing system to your shiny new cloud-based answer.

This is a critical stage because any system is only as good as the data powering it. Also, it’s a time when many have a panic moment, feeling that they lack the resources to successfully migrate all of the necessary data across to their new system, ready for launch day. It’s important to focus entirely on the migration, and not be distracted by idealistic thoughts of how you can perform once the new cloud solution is live; each step must be properly managed, and unquestionably, data is amongst the most important of them all.

Find the hidden opportunities 

Admittedly, this may prove to be a slightly stressful period; however, aside from the giant end result of a wonderful new approach to your business operations, there are other more subtle opportunities that lie within the migration process itself. For instance, this is a rare chance to clean out your data clutter. You could choose to archive dormant data, or dissolve redundant records altogether. This leaves you with a perfectly clean and functional solution that embeds the precise and accurate data you need to thrive.

Considerations such as this will accelerate many business-related performance areas, and leave you with complete faith in your new highly productive cloud-based life.

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