The Microsoft CRM - LinkedIn Vision

In announcing the £18 billion purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft is warming up to accelerate Dynamics CRM. In making LinkedIn data more available to Microsoft CRM operators, users will be empowered to work smarter with wider data access.

The acquisition, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “is key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes."

“How people find jobs, build skills, sell, market and get work done - and ultimately, achieve success, requires a connected professional world," he continued. "It requires a vibrant network that brings together a professional's information in LinkedIn's public network with the information in Office 365 and Dynamics."

The Dynamics CRM Reward

With control of LinkedIn, Microsoft gives themselves entrance to a social networking property of large business value and visible Dynamics CRM connection. Leveraging CRM efficiently will open users to vast streams of business professionals. This has the power to considerably touch business-to-business sales and marketing. Imagine walking into a business meeting and already being aware of who you're likely to encounter and what you need to know about them.

A principal use for LinkedIn is for sales people to discover the people they should be creating conversations with in their lead generation approaches. To embed this into CRM will naturally empower millions around the globe.

"LinkedIn is the social fabric of Microsoft," Nadella added. Throughout the course of this fresh venture, Microsoft will be identifying precisely how aspects such as advanced analytics and machine learning can be applied to LinkedIn, and this will only help to strengthen user and customer value further.

It’s an exciting time to be a Dynamics CRM user. Explore it with HSO now.

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